Hook-and-loop net

Extra space in the trunk

Hook-and-loop net

Practical and universal car gadget allowing to keep order in every trunk.

The advantage of hook-and-loop nets is incredibly simple assembly, which requires only pressing the product to the side wall of the trunk.

Hook-and-loop net is a great solution for those looking for extra space. It allows you to create storage space, which was not thought of by the car manufacturer. It is a trivial way to fully utilize all the corners of the trunk.

Net-fence or net-pocket? We suggest what to choose

Mesh in the form of a fence on two sides is finished with hook-and-loop – you can use this solution, fixing on to the side of the trunk elements standing on the ground. This can be for example car liquids with a larger capacity. This is a great way to use the slots by the wheel arches.

For smaller items we recommend nets in the form of pockets on three sides trimmed with hook-and-loop fasteners. You can attach it to the upper part of the side wall, this way you save space underneath. Most of our customers choose this solution.