Trunk bag

A really convenient and space saving solution

Trunk bag

Our bag is a vertical net, which you can hang across or along your trunk on special holders usually placed by car manufacturers. But if your car doesn’t have them, you can easily mount them on the rear seat headrests.

Trunk bags are used for efficient organization of the trunk space, they create additional space for transported goods. Installed right next to the hatch, they make it easier to reach for the most needed products and groceries, at the same time protecting them against sliding during the ride.

TÜV Certification

Our products have been checked, which is confirmed by obtaining a certificate from TÜV NORD Polska Sp. z o.o. number 0000100556.

They meet the requirements set out in the Assessment Program No. PS/PO1/133/07062022 and qualify for the VERIFIED PRODUCT mark.